This is an eight-race series that will visit 4 different tracks throughout the southeast. The Jr. Late Model Spectacular Series is in its 1st year of competition. The concept started with series owners John Thompson and Rod Wortham in early 2019 and will come to fruition in 2021 under the guidance of newly named partner Ricky Brooks. The trio who believes a restricted late model is a great place for a youngster to hone their skills in a car they can move up with throughout their teenage years. At JJR we believe that the experience gained in the Jr Late Model Series will give young drivers the racecraft and experience to move up into the next level of late models including but not limited to the Late Model Stock CARS Tour.

All eight races of the Series will be streamed nationwide! The series will also have a 4 to 6 race winter series in 2021.


Driver eligibility:

1. Drivers must have prior racing experience and each driver must present a racing resume for approval.

2. Drivers must be no younger than 11 and no older than 16 years of age. Drivers that turn 16 during the season and have already begun the championship are eligible to continue for the remainder of that season. (Note, there is an exception process we have set up for drivers older than 16 that lack the proper experience to compete in more advanced Late Model Series.)

3. The parent or legal guardian of a driver must sign the minor's release.